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Projects and programmes

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IMproving Preparedness and RIsk maNagemenT for flash floods and debriS flow events - The aim or ultimate objective of IMPRINTS is to contribute to the reduction of loss of life and economic damage through the improvement of the preparedness...

Influence of inflows of the river...

The influence of inflows of Nistru on water quality will be studied. Physical and chemical factors of influence on water of springs and wells of Nistru basin will be estimated

INHGA -programme MOSYM

Modernization of the system of measurement, storage, transmission and dissemination of hydrological data to various decision levels

LIFE MOSYM provides technical assistance to local authorities and Ministry of Environment and Water...

INHGA-8- programme climate change...

The main objective of CECILIA is to deliver a climate change impact and vulnerability assessment in targeted areas of Central and Eastern Europe. Emphasis is given to applications of regional climate modeling studies at a resolution of 10 km for...


Innovative processes and practices for wastewater treatment and re-use in the Mediterranean region


National Plan for Scientific Investigation, development and Innovation

Innovative and integrated...
Innovative coastal technologies

Innovative coastal technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate

Innovative processes and practices...


Innovative and integrated technologies for the treatment of industrial wastewater