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IWRM-net SCP news page


IWRM-Net Scientific Coordination Project (IWRM-Net SCP) aims to provide the continuity of research projects’ follow up funded by IWRM-Net 1st and 2nd call both on administrative and technical sides. The ambition is wide as one key objective is to embed IWRM-Net funding initiatives research in the scope of the European Research Area. Three main challenges can be identified:

2nd Annual IWRM-net SCP workshop

2011 October 25

The meeting was held successfully in Paris, hosted by Marie Cugny-Seguin of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing. This was Marie's last meeting with the SCP as she has now departed for the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen and we thank her for the support for IWRM-net and wish her all the best in Denmark.

ICARUS progress report

Newsletter July 2011

IWRM-Net SCP newsletter Feb 2013


Utilising the Ecosystem Services Approach for Water Framework Directive Implementation Five research organisations and their local partners in France, Germany and Portugal have set up the ESAWADI project in response to the second IWRM-NET Joint Call for transnational research projects for integrated water resources management The project was launched on 1st July 2010 and lasted 2 years. here is the recording of the webinar from 2013.



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IWRM for climate change adaptation in rural social ecosystems Southern Europe (Italy, Portugal, Spain) ICARUS aims at increasing, in selected areas of Italy, Portugal and Spain, efficient water use in agriculture by analysing biophysical, socio-economic and institutional dimensions of sustainable water management and identifying innovative adaptation strategies, practices and tools for saving water in irrigated productions systems, which could be disseminated in other Mediterranean countries



Developing an integrated model to predict abiotic habitat conditions and biota of rivers for application in climate change research and water management. (Germany, Portugal, France) The research project outlined herein aims at developing an integrated model which predicts the abiotic habitat conditions and biota of natural (reference), semi-natural or restored river reaches.

Water Cap and Trade

Water Market scenarios for Southern Europe: new solutions for dealing with water scarcity and drought risk. (France, Italy, Spain)