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Developing an integrated model to predict abiotic habitat conditions and biota of rivers for application in climate change research and water management. (Germany, Portugal, France) The research project outlined herein aims at developing an integrated model which predicts the abiotic habitat conditions and biota of natural (reference), semi-natural or restored river reaches. The coupled models will be used to assess the effect of climate change on discharge and in turn on river morphology and stream biota compared to the impact of other anthropogenic pressures like water quality, hydromorphological alterations, and altered re-colonization potential. The project will focus on macroinvertebrates and fish and for the first time include dispersal models of aquatic taxa to predict temporal scales of restoration success and population recovery.

FInal report : July 2014 DOWNLOAD

SCPAnnual2011_IMPACT_Kail_ProgressReport.pdf1.15 MB
SCP_FinalReport_Impact_20140710.pdf3.65 MB