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IWRM-Net SCP Final Event

2014 October 21-22

Presentations now available. Summary of the SCP and also the Water Joint Programming Initiative included.

Introduction Jean-Philippe Torterotot, deputy director for research and innovation, Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (FR)

SESSION 1 Water and aquatic environments management: innovative solutions for adaptation to climate change

CLIMAWARE: Facilitating integrated water resources management plans by cross-scale integration between European and regional modeling frameworks - applications to hydromorphology, dam management and agricultural water use

- Stephan Theobald, University of Kassel (DE), Charles Perrin, IRSTEA (FR), Alessandra Scardigno, CIHEAM-IAM Bari (IT)

IMPACT: Modeling how large scale pressures (climate change, migration barriers, land-use, ...) impact river biota in river reaches

- Jochem Kial, Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (DE)

ICARUS: Increasing the efficiency of water use in agriculture by analysing the different dimensions of sustainable water management and assessing innovative adaptation practices

- Carlo Giupponi, CMCC (IT)

1st Discussion panel: What tools for water managers in learning to adapt to climate change?

Antonio Lo Porto (IT), Regis Thepot (Fr), Achim Pätzold (DE), Philippe Quevauviller (EU)

- What indicators can help European regions implementing adaptation measures to climate change?

- Innovative adaptation strategies and measures: at which scale ? For which type of activity?

- Modelling tools to understand climate change impacts and test adaptation measures: how can they be used by water managers?

- What can be expected from local reach-scale restoration measures given the remaining pressures on larger spatial scales?

- how to accommodate the various water demands in the context of climate change (water quotas, allocation on demand, ...)?


Day 2 - The Scientific Coordination Project: context, main objectives, Gilles Neveu, International Office for Water (FR)

SESSION 2 socio-economic aspects of water and aquatic environments management.

ESAWADI: Utilizing the Ecosystem Services Approach for Water Framework Directive Implementation

- Philippe Blancher, ASCONIT (FR)

Water2Adapt: Elaborating a practical management tool applicable at river basin scale, based on resilience and adaptive capacity

- Lorenzo Carrera, FEEM (IT)

Water Cap and Trade: Investigating the potential of water market scenarios and economic instruments for implementing water management policy in the European context ?

- Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, BRGM (FR)

2nd Discussion panel: What tools for water managers in water markets and valuing water

PANEL: Maggie Kossida (GR), Ray Earle (IE), Lucia Fiumi (IT), Bernardo Mazzanti (IT) Jos Brils (NL)

- How to use economic instruments and models for water management policy in Europe?

- How to make the concepts of socio-economic resilience operational at the river basin scale?

- Which role for ecosystem services approach to support the implementation of IWRM?

Closing Session - Summary

An introduction to the Water Joint Programming Initiative and its 1st Strategic research and innovation agenda.

- Enrique Playán, CSIC (ES) Coordinator of JPI



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