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The interaction between scientists, policy makers and water managers is vital to ensure the most effective use of current knowledge. It is also important to continually search for improvements in water management through exchanges between this trio. This website aims to highlight the work of the International Office for Water in science policy interface and be a portal to similar work elswhere.

IWRM-net Webinars

Upcoming Webinars:

Water Cap and Trade, Date yet to be confirmed.

The IWRM-net projects are coming to a close and so the time has come for the dissemination of the results and the experiences of the researchers in undertaking the research. To assist in disseminating the results the International Office for Water have organised webinars for each of the projects as they come to a close. 

Webinars completed:

Fifteenth World Lake Conference

September 1 -5, 2014
Perugia, Italy

Session MS 12-02 “Mitigation and Adaptation” on Shallow lakes and wetlands of Mediterranean area.

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